GBWhatsApp – LivePic Widget

The GBWhatsApp team always believes everyone deserves the best communication tools. Have you heard? For those who love sharing their pictures, the GBWhatsApp team has very exciting news to share. Announcing LivePic – widget to send pictures and notes to the recipient home screen. In the next update, GBWhatsApp and LivePic will collaborate and release a brand new feature that will satisfy all the users’ needs.

After a long day of work or stress, seeing a nice picture showing up from someone I care about provides an immediate break – a little period in which I am not consumed by the stress of a million things at the same time, but rather by the thought of someone who brightens my day. The LivePic Widget app has risen to the top of the App Store‘s rankings, and many people are astonished by it since it is so different and has a unique concept that differs from the other applications that everyone is familiar with, such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and so on.

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What is the LivePic Widget app?

LivePic Widget is a new application developed by the Livehouse team, in contrast to other photo-sharing applications, this free app allows you to take and share live pictures and notes. The pictures and notes taken are only displayed in the widget on your follower home screens. To put it another way, widgets can provide you quick access to pictures shared without opening the app. LivePic Widget app has a perfect design, simple interface but most of all, guarantees to bring a grin to your face multiple times during the day. Not to mention, for those in long-distance relationships, this app is a fun and considerate way to send a little love to someone you care about.

How to use a LivePic widget ?

Once your loved one sends you a picture or a note, it displays immediately in the LivePic widget on your home screen. To respond, just press the widget, snap a photo or write a note back, and send it to the Home Screens of your friends and beloved ones. With LivePic, your friends and family will see all of the photos you’ve sent them throughout time. You could explore the pictures of the people you follow or the world’s pictures just by scrolling down in the “MOMENT” section. However, you can only receive the pictures on the widget sent by the people you follow. It’s ideal for spending time with close friends, lovers, and family members.

Is the LivePic widget safe?

Undoubtedly one of the most often asked questions is, whether or not the application is safe. The sincere answer is YES. Looking at LivePic’s privacy policy, it is quite clear about what information the app gathers and how it uses it. LivePic asks its users to fill out the phone number and nickname fields in order to be recognized by other LivePic users. LivePic also asks its users to give it access to their contact lists in order to facilitate the process of inviting other people to join their LivePic network. However, it guarantees that it will never keep your contacts and will never send text messages to friends without first receiving your specific authorization. LivePic developers work hard to protect their users’ personal information {Photo} and remind users to be cautious about what kind of pictures they share.

How to add LivePic widget on the home screen ?

You can use LivePic in a few simple steps. After installing it from the download link below,

GBApps GBWhatsapp Download

All you have to do is input your phone number, your nickname and then you can start following your friends by searching their nicknames. The widget must then be added to your home screen in the following manner:

  • Long press on the home screen to activate edit mode,
  • Then choose “Widget” option,
  • Select the LivePic widget, and choose its appearance,
  • Drag the widget to your home screen, wherever you want.

All that remains is for you to wait for the most stunning images to be sent to you by your contacts, after which they will show on your home screen through the widget!